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  The Benefits you will gain:

Improve Staff Productivity

Know the exact movements and locations, and identify areas that staff may need further improvement and better management.

Reduce Fuel Wastage

Retrace the travel route taken by your drivers, and identify any unforeseen travel or unnecessary travel taken that could be minimised in future.

Invoice More Accurately

With our reporting tools, you will have proof of the exact times of when a job started and finished. Avoid customer disputes and ensure you get paid correctly.

Reduce Labour Costs

With EagleTrack you will have the data and proof to ensure staff are paid correctly, minimising unnecessary overtime and improving utilisation.

Enhance Customer Service

By knowing the exact location of your fleet, you will be able to provide customers with accurate information on their status, achieve on-time delivery and avoid invoice discrepancies.

Reduce Staff-Manager Communication

You will no longer have to contact drivers to find out their location. The tracking system will locate drivers in real-time, enabling you to make informed and rapid decisions.