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Features We Provide

Live GPS Tracking

Locate your drivers in real-time and identify their status with our colour coding indicators, such as green for ignition on, black for ignition off, red for speeding and yellow at the office.

Waypoint Management

Set up waypoints or geo-fences to get specific reporting for particular sites, such as customer locations, offices, depots or even shopping centres. Our reports will tell you arrival/departure times, time spent at site and much more.


Our dashboards help you measure peformance and are self-configurable, enabling you to select and view your own dasboards. This includes idling, distance travelled, speeding events, number of hours the ignition is on, trips and wheels in motion.

History Replay

Retrace the full travel route taken by a vehicle on particular day, where their journey is displayed on the maps. Use this feature for comparison and compare vehicles or days, or clearly identify any unforeseen travel.

Input/Output Monitoring

Our Hardwired tracking device has capabilities to connect with various vehicle input/outputs. For example, you can monitor ignition on or ignition off, boot open or closed, bin lift, door open or closed.

Proximity Search

Search in real-time or retrospect all vehicles within a nominated point or address. This is a very useful in finding the closest vehicle to a job, or finding vehicles that were at job or in an event.

Comprehensive Reporting

We offer comprehensive reporting, with detailed data including ignition on/off times, time spent on site, roads travelled on, break times, speed, and km’s travelled. We offer more tha 13 reports, that are exported in Excel and can be saved.

Online Access, 24/7

Manage and review your fleet online using our web-based software. This means you never have to download the software, and can be accessed from any computer/laptop, anywhere in the world.

iPhone/iPad App

To help you manage and review your fleet on the move from the palm of your hands, download our app to your phone and have access to live tracking and waypoint management.

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