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Get Control & Save Costs. EagleTrack is an Australian leading manufacturer and provider of GPS tracking and reporting solutions.

We deliver invaluable information to businesses so they can gain control, manage and review their fleet and mobile workers. Our solution is reliable, affordable and user-friendly. It is as simple as installing the tracking device and logging on to our website to view all your fleet data, which can be accessed 24/7, anywhere in the world. We also have an iOS app, so you can monitor your fleet from the palm of your hands.

Our tracking solution is used Australia wide and also in the UK. We offer two 3G hardware types, the WedgeTail27 and the OBDII Plug-and-Play tracking unit.

WedgeTail27 Tracking Unit

This our premium vehicle tracking unit, which is a hardwired tracking unit and requires installation. It provides businesses with peace of mind knowing that the vehicle is tracked 24/7 and does rely on the driver to ensure it is turned on. As it professionally installed by auto-electrician, it will ensure it is hidden from drivers and out of reach avoiding any tampering.

OBDII Tracking Unit

This is our plug-and-play tracking unit which connects straight to the vehicle's diagonstic port. It can be connected 24/7 to the vehicles, and can also be connected and removed at the beginning and end of every shift.

What users get with EagleTrack

  • Live vehicle location displayed on Google maps

  • Review travel history and the exact route for one or more vehicles

  • Comprehensive reporting excel based from trip reports to utilisation reports
  • Detailed data including travel time, km’s travelled, break times, idling, speed

  • Set up customer sites, offices, company depots, points of interest or no go zones to trigger fleet reporting

  • Vehicle icons are colour coded based on their status. i.e. ignition on or off, speeding, customer site, no go zone

Online GPS Tracking

  • Web-based software
  • iPhone app available

WedgeTail27 Tracking Unit

  • Hardwired tracking unit
  • Operates on the Telstra 3G network
  • All features are compatible

OBDII Tracking Unit

  • Plug-and-Play Tracking Unit
  • Operates on the Telstra 3G network
  • No installation required