A telematics solution that’s more than just GPS tracking

EagleTrack lets you get the most out of your fleet with a telematics solution built to enhance businesses with access to powerful data. An efficient fleet is one click away with real-time and historic tracking data, driver performance monitoring and valuable performance insights. Get confidence in a high quality technology and secure system designed and perfected from years of experience delivering solutions for unique businesses.

Vehicle Tracking & Management

Keep track of all your vehicles in one place. Track location, speed, route, mileage, engine idling and much more. EagleTrack retains historical data so you can retrace where a vehicle has travelled with historical data. Your other assets and equipment are just as valuable so we can keep track of them too, so you don't have to worry about losing them.

Driver Activity & Safety

Monitor driver locations for safety and analyse driving behaviour, comparing performance across your entire fleet. Identify which drivers were on the road and see trends to encourage road safety. Plus, with the EagleTrack Driver app, drivers can enter information about their trips directly from their phone.

Fleet Performance Insights & Alerts

EagleTrack collects data and interprets the information to provide valuable insights into your fleet's performance. Take the stress out of monitoring fleet activity with real-time alerts, so you never miss critical events. Get powerful data to make informed decisions for a more efficient fleet.


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  • Live Vehicle Tracking

    Live Vehicle Tracking

    See real-time data of your fleet 24/7. Track location, direction, route along with the vehicle’s speed and engine data. With live data, you will never waste time searching for your assets again.

  • Historical Replay

    Historical Replay

    View the journey history of vehicles with the history replay feature which overlays the vehicle’s travel route on the map. Access information about the trip including departure and arrival at locations, start and finish times so you can analyse route efficiency.

  • Engine Data

    Engine Data

    Get basic information on the vehicle such as speed, mileage and engine idling to see how your vehicles are operating as they’re on the road.

  • Waypoints


    Configure depots and customer sites as Waypoints, providing the ability to report on entry and exit, speed at site and holding times. Real-time alerts can be raised for Waypoint activity, so you stay updated on the key places that your fleet has travelled to.

  • Driver ID

    Driver ID

    Monitor driver activity with the EagleTrack Driver app. Drivers are required to log in using a unique driver ID number and PIN. The app pairs with vehicles through the hardware device enabling you to identify which drivers are using which vehicles at any given time.

  • Pre-Trip Checklists

    Pre-Trip Checklists

    With the use of Driver IDs, the EagleTrack Driver app prompts drivers to complete a pre-trip checklist before successfully logging in. An alert can be set up for drivers proceeding to use a vehicle after failing the checklist.

  • Fringe Benefits Tax Reporting

    Fringe Benefits Tax Reporting

    Our FBT module allows you to easily report on Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) exemptions. This process is completed on the mobile app by the driver at trip commencement, saving time and ensuring fast FBT reporting.

  • Proximity Search

    Proximity Search

    Use proximity searches to locate vehicles within a certain area so you remain in control of the entire fleet when things change last minute. A search is useful for times when you need to locate the nearest vehicle for an unexpected task.

  • Dashboards


    EagleTrack digests and presents fleet data into tables and graphs. Dynamic dashboards give you the visibility to see fleet trends and identify specific areas for improvement. View data that is easy to interpret using various metrics including fuel consumption and efficiency, distance travelled, speed, engine idling and high G-force events.

  • Reports


    Export reports to keep a record of all the information on file. EagleTrack consolidates and presents data into tables and spreadsheets for further analysis. Configure reports on specific events and schedule reports to your email on a regular basis.

  • Alerts & Notifications

    Alerts & Notifications

    Alerts can be customised for almost any event in real-time. This gives you the ability to proactively manage your fleet and act immediately when an event occurs before it escalates. Alerts can be setup to be shown in EagleTrack software as well as via email so you’ll be sure not to miss an event.

  • Mobile App

    Mobile App

    The EagleTrack Driver app allows you to connect with drivers while they’re on the road. The app integrates with the tracking device and EagleTrack software, centralising all vehicle and driver inputs in one system. The driver app enables pre-trip checklists, FBT declarations and driver IDs.

How it works

Our simple setup gets you connected with your vehicle or asset within minutes. Tracking hardware devices are easy DIY installs and once your device is plugged in and turned on, there are only a few quick steps to set up your tracker on the EagleTrack software to start tracking. Your drivers can download the EagleTrack Driver mobile app if you want to get connected with them too.

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