How does a telematics system work?

Telematics systems incorporate GPS tracking of your vehicles, assets and equipment to identify relevant insights for greater operational control, cost reduction and improved compliance. Secure data transmission via the Telstra network allows users to access the information wherever they’re located at any time of day. This hub of data can be used to identify trends and opportunities, performance benchmark and support legal compliance.

What assets can I track?

EagleTrack’s integrated solutions have been developed over almost 20 years; allowing you to track almost anything, including vehicles, trailers, dollies, containers and equipment. Depending on the specific requirement, you can select from powered and battery / solar powered options. Get in touch today to discuss tracking all your moveable assets in one central location.

How do I maximise my returns on Fringe Benefits Tax?

EagleTrack offers an add-onn that allows easy reporting on Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) exemptions. This process is completed electronically by the driver at trip commencement, saving time and ensuring fast FBT reporting at tax time.

How would I get support if I need to ask a question?

Once you have access to the web-based platform, you can view our useful help guide. If you can’t locate the answer to your query, you will be able to request assistance from one of our experts. Simply fill in the technical support form from the contact us page or you can call 1800 477 872 for our in-house Customer Support team.

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