Vehicle Tracking Hardware

We offer two vehicle tracking units, a simple to use plug-in solution or a hardwired tracking unit. Both units are designed to be tucked away and out of sight of the driver and provide 24/7 tracking. Our units are of premium construction and are built to last.

Which tracking hardware is right for me?

When it comes to choosing which hardware solution is right for your fleet, it is important to consider if you need a permanent and discreet solution such as a hardwired device or a portable and easily removable plug-in unit. We also allow you to mix and match hardware types so you can pick the best device that suits each vehicle and its use.

EagleTrack Powered Asset Tracking Unit


EagleTrack Hardwired Device + Wiring Kit


EagleTrack Cat-M1 Solar Tracking Unit


EagleTrack Cat-M1 Asset Tracking Unit


EagleTrack Cat-M1 Rechargeable Asset Tag


EagleTrack BT Tracking Unit


EagleTrack BT Tracking Tag


EagleTrack OBD Device


OBDII Device

Small and portable – Our EagleTrack OBDII device is ideal for businesses that need a low cost solution that can be self installed in almost all vehicles

  • Plug and play
  • Zero maintenance
  • Built-in 30mAh battery

Hardwired Device

Robust and secure – The EagleTrack Hardwired device provides you with the security of a discreet and hidden tracking solution that can be mounted out of sight or in a tamper-proof location

  • Wired installation
  • Large 1000mAh battery
  • Wiring loom included

Software Plan

EagleTrack Vehicle Licence plan includes access to the EagleTrack web portal as well as access to the EagleTrack Fleet app (available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store). The licence fee is per tracking unit per month and we allow for unlimited users to the web portal as well as unlimited drivers where the EagleTrack Driver App is added.

This means that even if your business has a pool of over 100 drivers and only 10 vehicles, you will never be charged for more than the 10 vehicles per month.

EagleTrack PTU and Solar Tracking Plan

$15.95 per month

EagleTrack Asset Cat-M1 Cellular Plan

$10 per month

EagleTrack Asset BT Tracking Plan

$1.5 per month

EagleTrack Vehicle Licence Plan

  • Live Tracking
  • Historical Replay
  • Engine Data
  • Waypoints
  • Proximity Search
  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Alerts and notifications
$24 per month

EagleTrack Driver App Add-on

  • Driver ID
  • Pre-Trip Checklist
  • Fringe Benefits Tax reporting
+ $5 per month

All prices in AUD excluding GST.
No minimum contract terms. Asset software licence plan is not applicable for vehicle tracking.